Statistical methods are the most prominent ones among tools which facilitate the transformation of data obtained in the scientific research into knowledge. However, due to their unique approaches, language and method options we sometimes experience difficulties in selecting these tools. Whether a scientific researcher and sometimes a statistician needs an accurate method of reasoning in the selection of tools which would be required in the appropriate analysis of research data.

StatXFinder, developed cooperation with Dokuz Eylül University, Health Sciences Institute, Department of Medical Informatics and Ege University, Medicine Faculty, Department of Biostatistics and Medical informatics is being put into service as a reasoning and decision support system, aiming at offering the most appropriate statistical test method via the least number of questions for the researchers planning to analyse scientific research data. A vast amount of knowledge about the basic statistical concepts, methods and the motives for the selection of tools is presented within StatXFinder which also aims at serving as an educational tool.

We thank you for your kind consideration, and hope that StatXFinder would contribute to your research. Click here to start trying out StatXFinder.

The first version of this study was accepted for publication as full text in Medical Informatics Europe 2014 and published. You may access the first version by clicking the following link: Towards a web-based decision support tool for selecting appropriate statistical test in medical and biological sciences. Suner A, Karakülah G and Dicle O.Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014;205:48-52.